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Brentwood Borough Council

FOI 7579

Locally Listed Buildings


1. Does your authority maintain a list of 'Locally Listed Buildings'?

2. If yes, please could you provide a copy?


I refer to your Freedom of Information request concerning Locally Listed Buildings and would advise that this information is available on our website which may be accessed by the following link.

In order to retrieve the information you require, it will be necessary for you to input the wards within Brentwood Borough Council, which are shown on our website by using the following link I have attached a copy of the Brentwood Borough Council’s wards, for ease of reference. With regard to Brentwood (North, South and West) this should be inputted in the ‘Area’ box as Brentwood and similarly for Hutton (Central, East, North and South) this should be inputted as Hutton.