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FOI 7564

Budget Information & Parking Services


This request relates primarily to the council’s role in owning / managing car parks in your local authority area.

1. The total net revenue budget for 2013/14.
2. The projected net revenue budget for each off the subsequent four financial years (2014/15-2017/18), taking into account projected funding reductions and projected adjustments to income.
3. The savings projected to be required in each of the subsequent four financial years (taking into account the difference between (1) and (2) above, along with the impact of projected increased costs and service delivery).
4. Each of these figures ((3) above) as a percentage of your projected net revenue budget for each of these years.

ON-STREET PARKING – INCOME & EXPENDITURE for each of the past five years (2008/09–2012/13) [if applicable to your local authority]
5. Gross income from on-street parking (including residential and business permits but excluding income received from Penalty Charge Notices [see 7 below]).
6. Costs associated with administering on-street parking (including the costs associated with administering PCNs on these streets).
7. Gross income from Penalty Charge Notices issued for on-street parking.

OFF-STREET PARKING – INCOME & EXPENDITURE for each of the past five years (2008/09 – 2012/13)
8. Gross income from off-street parking, including a breakdown of income received from permits and Penalty Charge Contravention Notices (or equivalent).
9. Costs associated with administering off-street parking.

10. Total number of off-street public car parking spaces owned / managed by the local authority.
a) Names and addresses (with postcode) of these car parks and number of spaces provided in each. Please provide a web link (if available) that provides details of this information and relevant map links.
b) Designation of each car park: e.g. residential, business or commuter use; short, medium, long stay – with qualifying characteristics (i.e. what does each designation allow for).
11. Which of your car parks (if any) have received Park Mark status or any other such quality recognitions?

12. What is the tariffs structure for each of your car parks?
13. Do you operate a loyalty or season ticket system? If so, please provide details.
14. What is the cost (both full and early payment) of a Penalty Charge Contravention Notice (or equivalent) for breaching parking stipulations in off-street car parks?

15. What payment methods are available in your off-street car parks – through pay-and-display on arrival or pay-on-departure?
16. Can customers pay-by-phone, SMS and / or on the internet, and who is the provider of this facility (if not the local authority directly)?
17. Are your car parks administered by local authority staff or by a private contractor? Do the same staff administer parking both on and off-street, or are they separate groups of staff?
18. Do the staff who administer your car parks receive any targets and / or incentive for income levels received and / or the number of PCNs (or equivalent) awarded? If so, on what basis?
19. Is compliance secured through other means, such as through use of an exit barrier and / or fixed cameras? If so, in which car parks are such compliance methods used?

20. How much has your local authority spent on maintenance and capital investment on your car park estate during each of the past five years (2008/09 through to 2012/13)? Did this broadly match the allocated budgets?
21. What is the current projected capital shortfall for car park maintenance and / or refurbishment?


Response sent as an attachment.