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FOI 7465

Troubled Families Programme


* How many of the families in the Troubled Families programme had a family member involved in the riots in 2011.

* From where has the council provided the match funding for the Troubled Families programme.

* What funding for what purposes has come for the Troubled Families programme from public, voluntary and statutory organisations.

* How many “turned around” families have subsequently been involved in crime and/or anti social behaviour.

* How many “turned around” families have a family member subsequently regularly skipping school or have been excluded.

* How many of the “turned around” families have adults remaining on workless benefits and how many “tuned around” families retain a family member with an alcohol or drug addiction.

* What evaluation has been undertaken of the Troubled Families Programme locally. Please provide a copy of the evaluation.

* What analysis has been done locally of the numbers of Troubled Families meeting the criteria for intervention in the Troubled Families programme.


Brentwood Borough Council does not hold details of the Troubled Families programme, please contact Essex County Council.

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