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FOI 7409

Penalty Charge Notices


I would like to know figures for Penalty Charge Notices issued for parking infringements from cctvs.

A year by year breakdown for the following years: a)2011-2012 b)2012-2013 (and any subsequent partial year figures).

1)The number of parking PCNs, issued from static CCTV cameras, and revenue collected?

2)If you have any cctv enforcement vehicles, the number of parking PCNs issued, and revenue collected?

3)How much is a parking PCN?


Brentwood Borough Council enforces and administers parking in its car parks.
Essex County Council enforces and administers parking on the highway. This is undertaken by Chelmsford City Council under an agency agreement.
I can confirm no parking enforcement is carried out using either static or mobile CCTV cameras by either Brentwood Borough Council or Essex County Council within the Borough of Brentwood.
Penalty Charges are £50.00 or £70.00 depending on the contravention discounted by 50% if paid in within 14 days of service.