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Single Status


1. In what year did the council fully or partially implement Single Status?
2. Was Single Status implemented (or due to be implemented) for your council by a different council. Can you provide the name of the council
3. What job evaluation scheme is used by the council?
4. If the council has been merged with another authority since Single Status has been implemented, what selection criteria were used to choose a job evaluation scheme for the merged authorities?
5. Was Single Status implemented separately for schools support staff?
6. Was Single Status achieved through a collective agreement with trade unions, individual agreement with staff or by dismissal and re-engagement of staff?
7. Since Single Status has been implemented, does the council now have a team of job analysts who ensure adherence to the pay and grading structure when posts are deleted, amended or added?
8. When was the last time that the pay and grading structure underwent changes to the grades and spinal points?
9. Can the council provide the current pay and grading structure?
10. If Single Status has not been implemented yet, when does the council plan to implement it?
11. If Single Status has not been implemented, what are the phases of implementation and which phase are you currently in?
12. Are there any external companies used to help the single status implementation. Who are they?


I have attached for you the relevant information in response to your questions.