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FOI 7367

Deaths and Funerals


1.Please list a name of hospitals which fall within the council area/boundaries.
2.What relationship does the council have with the hospitals when it comes to matters of public health funerals or welfare funerals?
3.What is the council's involvement with hospitals regarding funerals of this nature?
4.If someone in the hospital dies, is it the responsibility of the council or hospital to provide a public health funeral?
5.Is the council notified of a death where there is no known next of kin, which takes place in the hospital?
6.What department from the hospital notifies you of the death?
7.If it is the duty of the council, what is the name of the officer (& email) who is responsible for arranging this funeral?
8.Is this officer is also obliged to notify the family members or next of kin, if they are not already aware of the death?
9.If not, then which department and what is the is the name of the officer (& email) who holds this responsibility? What procedures does the council follow in order to notify family members of the death?
10.If family members or the next of kin have not been located, does the council place a public or legal notice?What is the name of the source where this legal or public notice placed?
If there is no notice placed, why is this the case?
If there is no legal or public notice placed; what is the name of the source in which the obituary notice placed?
If there is no obituary notice placed, why not?
11.What are the name of the contracted funeral directors which the council uses?
12.How often do these contracted funeral directors change? What is the reason for this?
As of Jan 2013, please answer the following questions about public health funerals:
Name of deceased
Residential address of the deceased
Date of death
Date of birth
date of funeral
If details were provided by the hospital, what is the name of hospital, hospital worker (& email) that referred this information?
If the information was not provided by the hospital, who did?
Has the family members or next of kin been traced?
Who located the family members or next of kin?
Name of source where the public/legal notice has been placed
Name of source where the obituary has been placed
Has this information of the deceased been sent to the Bona Vacantia, Treasury Solicitor, QLTR, National Ultimus, Duchy, Farrer & Co or any other companies?
Also, would it be possible for you not to make my request available in the public domain?


1. Basildon Hospital and Queens Hospital Romford, they are not in the Council area but they are the hospitals we would deal with.
2. There is no specific relationship with the hospital, cases are dealt with as they arise.
3. If persons with no known relatives pass away at a local hospital and they are a resident of Brentwood, then the hospital will contact the Council to assume the role of funeral organiser.
4. It is the responsibility of the Council as the burial authority.
5. Under normal circumstances, yes.
6. The Coroner's office would notify the Council.
7. This will depend on the duty Officer on shift within the Environmental Health department.
8. No, we would seek the assistance of the Police to notify family members, as they are trained in doing this.
9. As per question 8, this Authority does not notify family members.
10. Yes a notice would normally be placed in the Brentwood Gazette.
11. There is no contracted funeral directors, but this Council would use Bennetts, The Co-Operative, and Farrers of Shenfield on a rotational basis.
12. This Council has not undertaken any Public Health Funerals since January 2013 and so the further questions do not apply.