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FOI 7358

Rugby Clubhouse King Georges Playing Field


I have been contacted by a resident who has had a reply from Fields in Trust re the application for the Rugby Clubhouse at King Georges Playing Field.

Fields in Trust say they have received correspondence from this council to say that the field will be shared and used for sport apart from rugby.

I am surprised by this as it was my understanding, from talks held at the current clubhouse by the Rugby Committee, that the members-only club will be taking over the field for their exclusive use and that is why they propose to move the football pitch.

Can you confirm for me, in writing, exactly what has been outlined to Fields in Trust by Brentwood Council regarding sole use of the pitch in question? I would like a copy of the letter/email that was sent to Fields in Trust. If this council has outlined shared use, I believe this to be incorrect.

Can this be looked into again by the planning officer involved.

Can I have written the confirmation/evidence that the Rugby Club expect to share the pitch with other sports and what sports these are.

If the Rugby Club does expect exclusivity can I have confirmation as to where this fits with council policy as I believe it to be contrary.

If this is indeed the case then Fields in Trust will need to be recontacted by your officer and given the new information in case they wish to submit an objection to this application.

I assume that this application will be up for refusal as it's on the green belt. Can I have confirmation of this.

I would appreciate a meeting with officers on this application.


Repeat of 7177.

A meeting has been set up to resolve the query.