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Wildlife Roadkill


We are running a research project termed ‘Project Splatter’ which collates data on UK wildlife roadkill locations with an aim to identifying hotspots and informing mitigation. We know local councils have a responsibility to remove roadkill from UK roads, and it would be extremely valuable to us if we could work with you somehow to get a list of any roadkills removed (ideally what was killed, where it was killed and when). These data would be highly valuable to our research and we would appreciate any records that you have.


Please find attached details of road kill incidents that Brentwood Borough Council have dealt with in the past year (dated back to Nov 2012) as requested in your email below.
Date Animal Location
15/10/2013 Fox Gresham Court
15/10/2013 Dead animal Kings Road
11/10/2013 Badger Ongar Road
03/10/2013 Rat Courage Walk
01/10/2013 Deer Chequers Road
30/09/2013 Badger Hall Lane, Shenfield
30/09/2013 Fox Ongar Road
27/09/2013 Dog Brook Street
16/09/2013 Badger Ongar Road
05/09/2013 Fox Ongar Road
04/09/2013 Badger Billericay Road
03/09/2013 Cat Woodman Road
02/09/2013 Cat Hampden Woods
23/08/2013 Cat Ongar Road
22/08/2013 Fox Eagle Way
21/08/2013 Fox Outings Lane
21/08/2013 Deer Weald Park Way
20/08/2013 Badger Magpie Lane
20/08/2013 Fawn Weald Park Way
15/08/2013 Deer Chelmsford Road
12/08/2013 Badger Ingrave Road
09/08/2013 Badger Priests Lane
09/08/2013 Badger Ingrave Road
08/08/2013 Deer Ongar Road
07/08/2013 Badger Billericay Road
06/08/2013 Cat Woodman Road
05/08/2013 Cat Wigley Bush Lane
29/07/2013 Badger Hamilton Crescent
26/07/2013 Deer Priests Lane
25/07/2013 Cat Ongar Road
23/07/2013 Pigeon Spurgate
22/07/2013 Cat Greding Walk
22/07/2013 Fox Shenfield Place
22/07/2013 Cat Wigley Bush Lane
19/07/2013 Fox Ongar Road
15/07/2013 Fox Stocks Lane
11/07/2013 Deer Ongar Road
10/07/2013 Deer Doddinghurst Road
10/07/2013 Fox Ongar Road
08/07/2013 Cat High Street - Ingatestone
08/07/2013 Fawn Days Lane
05/07/2013 Fox Cedar Road
05/07/2013 Fox Brentwood Road
02/07/2013 Badger Mill Green Road
02/07/2013 Hedgehog Crossways
01/07/2013 Badger Appletree Crescent
01/07/2013 Badger Upper Cornsland
25/06/2013 Cat Allyway between Gloucester Road & Lancaster Close
25/06/2013 Cat Kings Chase
25/06/2013 Fox Blackmore Road - by Blackmore Pond
24/06/2013 Fox Stocks Lane
21/06/2013 Fox High Street - Shenfield
20/06/2013 Rat Pompadour Close
12/06/2013 Fox Colet Road
12/06/2013 Deer Doddinghurst Road
12/06/2013 Cat Wyatts Green Road
11/06/2013 Cat Brentwood Road
10/06/2013 Fox Park Avenue
09/06/2013 Fox Childerditch Lane
01/06/2013 Deer Woodman Road
30/05/2013 Rat Ingrave Road
21/05/2013 Cat Albany Road
10/05/2013 Fox Brentwood
07/05/2013 Deer Weald Road
03/05/2013 Badger Ongar Road
16/04/2013 Badger Priests Field
16/04/2013 Fox Mount Avenue
16/04/2013 Badger Middle Road
28/03/2013 Deer Ongar Road
28/03/2013 Cat Station Road
25/03/2013 Deer Ongar Road
20/03/2013 Fox Merrymead Park - Sawyers Hall Lane
19/03/2013 Fox Hanging Hill Lane
18/03/2013 Badger Preists Lane
15/03/2013 Badger Priests Lane
11/03/2013 Fox Rayleigh Road
09/03/2013 Badger The Leas
09/03/2013 Badger Brentwood Road
04/03/2013 Badger Priests Lane
28/02/2013 Fox London Road
26/02/2013 Fox Ingrave Road
25/02/2013 Badger Brentwood Road
21/02/2013 Fox Station ROad
20/02/2013 Badger Headley Chase
19/02/2013 Fox Brentwood Road
19/02/2013 Rabbit Church Lane
14/02/2013 Fox Hawthorn Avenue
14/02/2013 Squirrel Doddinghurst Road
12/02/2013 Badger Brentwood Road
12/02/2013 Cat Rollason Way
04/02/2013 Fox Ridgeway
01/02/2013 Badger Queens Road
30/01/2013 Badger Warley Road
23/01/2013 Deer Coxtie Green Road
15/01/2013 Fox Warley Street
10/01/2013 Deer Mores Lane
08/01/2013 Cat Western Avenue
08/01/2013 Badger Blackmore Road
07/01/2013 Deer Coxtie Green Road
02/01/2013 Deer Tysea Hill
12/12/2012 Cat Shevon Road
11/12/2012 Deer Brook Street
08/12/2012 Fox Brentwood Road
23/11/2012 Badger Brentwood Road