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Late Licenses


- How many late licences issued under the 2003 Licencing Act have been issued by Brentwood Borough Council since 2003?

- How many late licences  issued unde r the 2003 Licencing Act have been revoked by Brentwood Borough Council since 2003?  


I refer to your request as below and would advise that the first part of the information requested is public information and therefore is exempt from the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 on the basis that it is already freely available this may be obtained from the Council website at .

To the best of my knowledge no licences have been revoked by the Council since implementation of the Licensing Act 2003 which came into force in November 2005 (any information therefore will only go back as far as November 2005 as the Act was not in force prior to that date). In order to be more specific however, I would ask if you could clarify what you mean exactly by late licence i.e. are you referring to any licence in force after a particular time or to late night refreshment licences or to something else?