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FOI 7252




What is Crossrail's latest version of their ever-changing plans for construction and use of sidings, particularly western, for stabling and now reversing trains?
Station and Platform 6

Platform 6 is a major development and a relatively new addition to their plans. It will involve massive landfill and a major retaining wall and associated pilling on the western side of the station.
How will this landfill be brought in (ballast train being the most obvious option) without serious disruption to the operation of the station including the possibility of having to close at least platform 5? 

What will be the total extent of the disruption to the operation of the station?
What will be the impact of the landfill and construction of the retaining wall on business and residential properties in nearby Hutton Road and Friars Avenue?

Noise, Other Disruption and Compensation

hat is known about the impact on residents of two years of major construction and what ameliorative or compensation plans are in hand? 

Public Meetings 
I believe that I am entitled to personal answers to these questions under FOI legislation. I would, however, like to know when you expect to be able to arrange public information meetings held by Crossrail and/or yourselves.



Other than the original plans provided by Crossrail some years ago, no further information has been provided. These plans of course are still available for public view at the Council planning reception.

Station 6 and Platform 6

In our early discussions with the Crossrail Complaints Commissioner this question was raised and we were advised that the rail network would be used.

Noise, Other Disruption and Compensation

The Councils Environmental health department would deal with noise related issues at a local level. However compensation claims would be a matter for the Crossrail Complaints Commissioner to consider.

Public Meetings

We are encouraging Crossrail to hold public information meetings when information becomes available.

The Council has been in discussions with Crossrail since 2010 and regular meetings take place.

Next steps

We hope to be meeting with Crossrail later this month and with your approval I will be happy to put your issues to them. Please let me know if you are happy for me to do this.