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FOI 7238

Advertising and Sponsorship


Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, could you please tell me what type of advertising and sponsorship schemes you have running in the council's region, ie sites where you generate revenue by allowing companies to sponsor them or other Council departments to advertise events, etc? In particular, I would like to know about any of the following schemes:
· Roundabouts
· Boundary ('Welcome to') signs
· Poster sites
· Car parks
· Bus shelters
· Council buildings, e.g. leisure centres
· Vehicles, e.g. refuse lorries

If you do generate revenue and/or currently allow advertising/sponsorship on any sites that you own, could you also please tell me:
1. How much revenue the Council currently receives, per annum, for each site type (e.g. roundabouts £10K, etc)
2. The name of the supplier or internal department that manages the advertising/sponsorship process.
3. If outsourced to a supplier, whether this was via a tender process.
4. If a tender process was used to find a supplier, when this current contract started and when it will end.
5. If a tender process wasn't used, when any trial or contract started and when it will end.
6. The contact details of the person who manages the supplier or process for the Council or whom we can contact for further information if no schemes are in place.


The only advertising done within the Council is in our car parking department.

Parking services does not run any annual advertising schemes, but do on occasion get approached by different organisations and local business who request that they place a banner on the railings close to our exit in the MSCP for special offers or events.
The cost to place a banner is £15 per week if placed for a 3 month period and £12 per week if displaying for a 6 month period. Agreements are sent from the Town Centre and Marketing Manager at the Town Hall if a request is received.
The Council does not however derive a regular income from these requests.