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FOI 7219

Implementation and delivery of NHS Health checks


The aim of this FOI request is to further our understanding of your implementation and delivery of NHS Health Checks, with specific reference to:

* Patient engagement
* Diagnostic testing methods
* Quality and consistency

Patient engagement

Engaging with the eligible cohort is fundamental to the programme; please can you provide details of how you will ensure that the NHS Health Check programme is accessible to all eligible patients, including details of plans to support/drive patient engagement in order to achieve DH uptake targets?


* Current delivery models
* Programme support e.g. marketing
* Alternative providers

Diagnostic testing methods

Clinical diagnostic testing is a core element of the NHS Health Check; please can you share the rationale for your choice of testing methods, particularly with reference to point of care testing (POCT)?


* Tests undertaken during the NHS Health Check
* Attitude to POCT; has it been considered and is it available to service providers?
* Key factors driving the decision making process

Quality and consistency

Ensuring the quality and consistency of results is critical to providing meaningful Health Checks; please can you provide details of any training, accreditation and quality control processes that are utilised across the programme delivery?


* Quality Assurance (QA) processes (internal IQC and external EQA)
* Current training (who is trained and what training is delivered)
* Accreditation process


I can advise you that the information you require is held by Essex County Council and not Brentwood Borough Council.

Freedom of Information requests for Essex County Council can be sent to:

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