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FOI 7189

Parish Burials


What arrangements take place when a death occurs of someone who lives within the council area and there are no funeral arrangements made by family?
Does the council take on the role for arranging a funeral?
If the council is unable to locate the family, who would normally attend the funeral? 
Are these people paid to attend the funeral?
What are the factors for deciding whether the funeral should be a cremation or burial?
Are there any other types of funerals provided by the council?
If the funeral is a cremation, what is the name of the cremation centre that is used by the council?
If the funeral is a burial, what is the name of cemetery that is used by the council?
Are the funeral costs inclusive of the costs of the people attending the funeral?
For the funerals that the council have dealt with since the beginning of the year 2013:
Was the funeral a cremation, burial or other? (please specify if other)
What information is collated to decide what type of funeral needs to be take place?
Who attended the funeral?
Did family members attend the funeral?
How much did the funeral cost?
How long did it take to arrange the funeral from the time of death?
Between the time of death and time of funeral where is the body of the deceased kept? Give name of person in charge and/or address of location.
Does it charge the council to keep the body of the deceased in between the time of death and time of funeral? How much did it cost? Are these costs included in 'funeral costs'?
What is the maximum length of time that the body can be kept elsewhere while funeral arrangements are being made?
What is the name of the deceased?
What is the date of death and date of birth of the deceased?
What is the residential address?
Has the information been sent to other governing bodies?
What is the name of the governing body/bodies?
Has the information been sent to Treasury Solicitor, Duchy, Queen's & Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer, National Ultimus Haeres Unit (or the equivalent of)?


1. and 2. The Council assumes the role of arranging burial in such instances as the responsible authority for burials in the borough.
3. The funeral would normally be attended by a member of the cemeteries staff and the grave digger. If a will is discovered then officers will ensure the wishes of it are met where possible in relation to particulars of a burial.
4. No, the staff are employed by the Borough Council and this falls within their remit as cemeteries services.
5. The factors affecting whether the funeral should be a cremation or burial include the cost of service, capacity within the cemetery and any documented wishes of the deceased.
6. No, there are not.
7. The Council would utilise the services of Bentley Crematorium for any cremations it had to undertake although the ashes would be buried in one of its own cemeteries i.e. London Road Cemetery or Woodman Road Cemetery.
8. For a full burial Woodman Road Cemetery would be used which is under the authority’s control.
9. Funeral costs are not inclusive of the cost of people attending as people are not paid to attend our funerals.
10. I can confirm that the Council have not undertaken any Parish Burials in 2013 and so I am unable to answer your questions in relation to this.
11. The body of any deceased may be accepted by a number of facilities including local undertakers, or hospitals, dependant on where they died.
12. If costs are levied against the Council for storage facilities of the body then these costs would normally be included within the overall charge of the services of the undertaker. Hospitals do not charge the authority for this service.
13. We do not have access to this information as this would be down to the particular facility storing the body.
14. I can confirm that Brentwood Borough Council has had no involvement in any burials since the beginning of 2013, and so I cannot answer these further questions.