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FOI 7074

Damp Homes


1. How many tenants (resident in homes for which the council has responsibility for maintenance) did you have in financial year 2011-2012 (those who were tenants at any time of the year)?

2. How many complaints did you have from your tenants about damp or mould in their homes in financial year 2011-2012?

3. What was the estimated total cost of responding to those requests in financial year 2011-2012?

Questions regarding litigation costs:

1. How many cases referring to damp homes did the council receive in financial year 2011-2012?

2. What was the total cost (including court costs & fines) to the council of defending those cases in financial year 2011-2012?


1. 2528 tenancies
2. 57 recorded complaints
3. £15,512.43

Questions regarding litigation, reply as follows:

1. We had no cases requiring legal intervention.
2. £0.00