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re the Essex Autism Strategy and the 2nd Adult Autism Self-Assessment Framework for ECC.
Please would you supply me with the following information:
1. Please send a copy of the minutes of the Task and Finish Meeting held on 06.09.2013. clearly showing who attended, their job title, organisation, role and contact details, any apologies for WHY non-attendees were not there, what was said, and any decisions made

2. Who was invited exactly? Because I have heard that not many people showed up to this extremely important meeting. I have also heard tha t some people showed up thinking it was some other sort of meeting, and didn't need to be there.

3. If only "key people" were invited, and so few showed up - WHY did the meeting go ahead?
Were any key decisions made, with s o few people in attendance, (mostly ECC?)?

3. How do you define "key people"?

4. Who WASN'T invited who had been on the Autism Working Group fr om the very start, and who had wanted to go but were kept out? Might this seem to constitute a GAGGING exercise?

5. How much notice was given of this very important meeting? When were the invites sent out?

6. How much time has been allowed for people to respond on the Essex Autism Strategy and 2nd Adult Autism Self-Assessment Framework for ECC? Given that e.g.: carers / charity reps. will have a lot on their plate

7. How widely have these draft (?) documents been distributed amongst the autism and general disability community and autism and carers support groups? Do MENCAP, MIND, RETHINK, Autism Anglia, Essex Carers, or NAS have a copy? Were any of these invited?

8. How many ECC officers involved in the Autism Working Group and the development and writing of the strategy and self assessment framework have had to re-apply for their own jobs at ECC, and how many times each?

9. Why has the writing and development of the ECC Autism Strategy - it would appear - been wrested out of the hands of the ECC officers who ha d been painstakingly working on it, and know the most about it?
10. There were mistakes in the Self Assessment Strategy. How could this happen?


I can advise you that Brentwood Borough Council does not hold the information you have requested.