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FOI 7036

Telephone Maintenance Contract


Please can you send me the following contract information with regards to the organisation’s telephone maintenance contract (VOIP or PBX):

1.    Existing Supplier: If there is more than one supplier please split each contract up depending on the number of suppliers.
2.    Total Contract Value: The total value of the contract.     
3.    Annual Average Spend on Telephone Maintenance (3 years if possible):
4.    Number of Users:
5.    Hardware Brand: The brand of the telephone system.
6.    Application(s) running on PBX/VOIP systems: Applications that run on the actual PBX or VOIP system. E.g. Contact Centre, Communication Manager.
7.    Contract Duration: please including any extension periods.
8.    Contract Expiry Date: Please provide me with the day/month/year.
9.    Contract Review Date: Please provide me with the day/month/year.
10.   Contract Description: Please provide me with a brief description of the overall contract.
11.   Contact/job title responsible for this contract (Full Contact Details contact name, actual job title, direct contact numb er and direct email address.

If the service support area has more than one provider for telephone maintenance then can you please split each contract up individually for each provider. 

If the contract is a managed services or is a contract that provide more than just telephone maintenance please can you send me all of the information specified above including the person from with the organisati on responsible for that particular contract.

Also if the contract is due to expire please provide me with the likely outcome of the expiring contract.

If this is a new contract or a new supplier please can you provide me with a short list of suppliers that bid on this service/support contract?


This request has been answered before. Refered to