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Local Development Plan


Can you please provide us under the freedom of information act, with the cost paid to consultants so far to produce the draft LDP?


I have interpreted the statement “cost paid to consultants so far to produce the Draft LDP” to specifically mean the cost of evidence base studies, which in certain circumstances the Council have commissioned specialist consultancies. This is often because of the technical nature of studies requiring specialist knowledge and to provide additional capacity in preparation of the LDP. You’ll be aware that the NPPF requires local authorities to have an up to date and robust evidence base. I have also interpreted “Draft LDP” to mean the latest stage of LDP preparation, the Local Plan 2015-2030 Preferred Options consultation document, rather than previous stages.

Please see below costs of evidence base studies commissioned in the last year to inform the Draft LDP. Please note the total value of contracts are shown, not necessarily the amount paid up to this point.

Evidence Base Cost (excl. VAT)
LDP Evidence and Support, including work to produce ‘Objectively Assessed Housing Needs’ evidence £22,365
Utilities Assessment (specific sites) £5,000
Site specific Landscape Capacity Study and Green Belt Assessment £21,760
Renewable Energy Study £18,470
Revised Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) (consortium of Essex authorities) £15,785 (Brentwood BC share)
Highways Impact Study £20,000