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FOI 6973

Statutory Instrument (1992) 613


Re: Statutory Instrument (1992) 613.
(The Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992).

Under the terms of the above Act of Parliament, does Brentwood Council hold recorded information to show:

a)   The number of Brentwood residents that have been imprisoned under the authority of Statutory Instrument (1992) 613 since 1992?

b)  The dates that these imprisonment orders were issued?

c) The name and rank of all judicial members that committed these Brentwood residents to prison and the authority they cited when making the order (if a different authority from S.I (1992) 613)?

d) The address of the court in which the judicial member was sitting when issuing the committal order?

e)  Please confirm that all Brentwood residents committed to prison (or brought to a court under threat of imprisonment) under the authority of Statutory Instrument (1992) 613 were legally represented by a Law Society/Bar Council member?

f)  Please supply the names of the Law Society/Bar Council affiliated law firm that represented any Brentwood resident imprisoned (or facing an imprisonment order) under the authority of Statutory Instrument (1992) 613?


Brentwood Borough (formerly District) Council has not sought the committal to prison of any individual under Statutory Instrument (1992) 613