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FOI 6883

Street Lighting


Could you please tell us if your council is responsible for the street lighting in your area?

If so, could you provide us with the following information, by financial year, for each of the financial years: 2011-2012, 2012-2013 and 2013-2014?

1. Expenditure on street lighting for each year (actual for previous/current years; planned for next year).

2. Whether or not your council has reduced/is planning to reduce any street lighting, and if so, whether this was/will be by:

- Switching lights off
- Dimming the lights (if so by how much [%])
- Other methods (please specify)

3. If your council has reduced/has plans to reduce street lighting by switching off, dimming or any other methods, what hours are they/will they be reduced?'


I can advise you that the information you require is held by Essex County Council and not Brentwood Borough Council.