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FOI 6749

Benefit Cap


What specific policies has your authority put in place in response to the benefit cap?

What activity is your authority undertaking to
a) identify, and
b) contact households affected by the benefit cap?

How many
a) children
b) children in need* will be affected by the benefit cap in your authority?

How many families with children does your authority anticipate having to move house:
a) within the authority
b) outside of the authority as a consequence of the benefit cap?

What joint activity are children’s services and housing undertaking in response to the benefit cap?

How do children’s services work with services in other authorities when children in need* are placed in either temporary or settled accommodation in another authority?

* Children in need as defined by Section 17 of the Children Act 1989.


The Revenue and Benefits Department was originally advised by the Department for work and Pensions that there were potentially 27 households in this area who may be affected by the benefit cap. Investigation established that some of these households would not, in fact, be affected as Disability Living Allowance was in payment; as you will be aware, receipt of DLA means that the cap does not apply.

To date, the Council has been advised of nine households where the cap now applies