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Discretionary Housing Payments


What is the total amount of discretionary housing payment that has been given to your authority for this financial year and how much of it has already been allocated?

How many applications for discretionary housing payment have you received in respect of properties subject to the housing benefit under-occupancy charge introduced in April 2013 (sometimes referr ed to as the “spare room subsidy” or “bedroom tax”) and how many of the se applications have been successful?



Total DHP Funding for the 2013/14 financial year (including additional funding of £6921.00 from DWP after the outcome of the Judicial Review case) = £107,916.00

To date £34786.54 has been allocated.

We have received a total of 36 applications from customers requesting a Discretionary Housing Payment due to restrictions in the Social Sector.

Of these applications, 26 have been successful.