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FOI 6714

Sex Shop Licensing Charge


We wrote to you in 2009 to obtain information about your licensing policies and charges and would now like to ask you:

i) In light of the 2009 European Court directive on licensing charges, have you amended yours to reflect ONLY the cost of processing them, and not the cost of pursuing unlicensed retailers, for example?

ii) If not, are your charges expected to be reviewed in the near future?

iii) If not, is that because you believe your existing charges to fall at or below the cost of managing adult store licensing within your area?

iv) If they have already been reviewed down, from what to what has your sex establishment (retail, not cinema/strip-club, etc) licensing charge been changed from/to?

v) Lastly, if the review has yet to take place, is there a fixed date for this and if so, when will that be?


i) We have made no change to our licence fees relating to adult shops or SEV's in light of the directive.

ii) All licence fees and charges (other than statutory fees and charges) are required to be set on a cost recovery only basis, therefore all such fees are recalculated and reviewed annually to ensure that this is achieved.

iii) This is a difficult calculation to make as we have no currently licensed adult shops or SEV's and to my knowledge have not had any for many years (if at all). However, we have calculated the costs and anticipated overheads/staff hours and believe the fee to be as accurate as possible to acieve cost recovery only.

iv) Not applicable

v) As stated in ii) (above) all fees are reviewed annual. This authority's fees for 2014/15 are going before Licensing Committee on 10 September with the only amendment to the relevant fee being an increase of 2.5% to represent the recognised inflationary rise.