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FOI 6688

Electoral Registration Canvass


I would like to be provided with the following:
1. A copy of a printed Electoral Registration form for the 2013 canvass.
2. Any other accompanying material you intend to send with this year’s canvass form.
3. Confirmation as to whether you intend to pre-tick in the 2013 canvass a household’s previous opt-outs of the Edited Register.


Please be advised the Electoral Registration Officer is not subject to FOI but in the interest of openness and transparency we are happy to provide the information requested as follows:

1) The canvass form has not yet been finalised but apart form any legislative changes, will not be significantly different from the form attached used in 2012.
2) The accompanying material has not yet been finalised but will not be significantly different from the information attached and used in 2012.
3) We will only be pre-ticking where electors have made a request under Section 11 of the Data Protection Act 1998.