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Brentwood Borough Council

FOI 6610

Enviro-Crime Service


1. Is your enviro-crime enforcement / investigation activity delivered by an external partner? If yes, please provide details (e.g. name of partner).

2. Is your authority and officers part of the Police Community Safety Accreditation Scheme?

3. We define enviro-crime as the following: fly tipping, littering, dog fouling, fly posting, unlawful sale of cars on the highway, domestic waste (S46 issues), commercial waste (S47 issues including proactive duty of care checks), graffiti.

Using the definition of enviro-crime above please state the number of officers you have in each type of role: Please include any officer involved in either role not just dedicated full / part time personnel.

Uniformed patrol officers e.g. rangers, beat (Full time)
Uniformed patrol officers e.g. rangers, beat (Part time)
Non-uniformed investigative / education officers (Full time)
Non-uniformed investigative / education officers (Part time)

4. What is the average working pattern (e.g. Standard Mon - Friday (full time) or 7 days a week shift pattern) of officers?

Uniformed patrol officers e.g. rangers, beat
Non-uniformed investigative / education officers

5. What was the average percentage of officer time during 2012-13 that was spent on these additional activities: Access Control, Noise / any other statutory nuisance, Stray / dangerous dogs, Key holder duties, Environmental Health activities, CCTV, Educational activities, Abandoned vehicles, Dealing with travellers, Contract / performance monitoring, Licencing activities, Illegal advertising, General ASB activities, Planning enforcement, other operational activities / management i.e. street cleansing, waste collection, Our officers are not involved in any additional activity listed above.


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