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- Is it true that BBC is to lose 12(?) workers? (Or have they gone now? It's all been kept very quiet)
If so, WHO is creating / directly responsible for this 'vast swathe' of 12 (?) job losses within Brentwood Borough Council, is it the last government or the Labour Party?

If there have been / are to be 12 job losses why isn't THIS in the Brentwood Gazette? Why isn't this such important local news as is picking up litter?

I would like to know the facts and figures, background & reasons for these job losses, please.

Under the freedom of Information legislation I would like to ask the following questions;

Please provide any evidence / any documentation in any recorded form regarding the decision to make any Brentwood Council employees redundant (or any other form of severance from employment) from the last five years, please.

Please provide evidence of the reasoning behind these losses.

How many employees have lost their jobs (pensions?) to date, and how many are destined to lose their jobs (pensions)?

Was it done in 'a way which is targeted, thought-through, and caring'?

Are any private companies to supply the services that were being provided by these workers? Please provide all related documentary or other information.

Please provide documentation in any recorded form and including the reasons why the Managing Director is to get a pay increase. bonus / (whatever you want to call) her increase in remuneration.

Please provide any documentation which might connect these two issues (facts and figures, PRIORITIES, aims and targets, and financial projections etc.)


I refer you to my previous response on 29th July which gave you the details of the business case for the 3 year transformation project. This is the only information held by the Council with regard to your questions relating to the transformation project.

With regard to your question about the Managing Director, Alison Crowe, I can confirm that she has not received a pay rise. Her remuneration package is the same as it was in 2012/13. Information on the Managing Director’s remuneration can be found here: