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Council Tax Arrears


1) How many households were in arrears with their council tax at the end of each month since April 2012? Please include June 2013, the most recent month.

2) At the end of each month since April 2012 what was the total amount of council tax arrears? Please include June 2013, the most recent month.

3) For those households who fell into arrears on or after April 1st 2013 against how many have you issued a summons?


I am unable to provide answers to questions 1 and 2. This is because we do not maintain monthly data of council tax arrears and are unable to go back in our system to obtain this data.

We run a reminder report to establish those in arrears and then send them reminders. We sent reminders three times in 2012/13 year.
2360 on 11 May 12 of which 791 were summonsed on 6 July 12
3325 on 21 September 12 of which 784 were summonsed on 2 November 12
2835 on 18 January 13 of which 1179 were summonsed on 28 March 13

So far in 2013/14 we have sent 2194 Reminders to Council Tax payers in arrears on 8 May 2013 of those 1089 were issued with a summons on 3 June 2013. We are due to send reminders again later this week.