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FOI 6482

Alexander Lane Car Park


Further to the story in this week's Gazette about the proposed 'park and stride' facility, I understand the council has a copy of the deeds showing ownership of the seven hectare site in question in Alexander Lane.

Please can you provide me with a copy of this document.


The land in question forms part of the LDP proposals. As such, the ownership of the land is not relevant.

The Council does not have the deeds to the land in question. We have undertaken a land registry search and the area of search set out in the Draft Plan is unregistered. The search returned land ownership details for land surrounding and we know that the Council own land south of Alexander Lane (please see attached map).

The Draft Plan sets out the intention to find a suitable site for park & walk, but the final site has not yet been identified. The map set out in the Draft Plan is showing where a potentially suitable location might be. Land ownership is not needed as this stage. The proposal will be available for consultation.