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FOI 6475

Managing Director Remuneration


Is it true that members of staff at Brentwood town hall are being made redundant?

If so, how many people will lose their jobs?

Is the rumour true that Alison Crowe, Brentwood Borough Council's Managing Director has been given a pay rise?

If so, how much is this pay rise and how much does she now earn?

I would like to be sent a copy of the Managing Director's Curriculum Vitae.


In February 2013, as part of the Budget Setting Process, the Council approved a New Ways of Working Business Case. The reports can be found here giving the rationale and expected outcomes: (pages 37-54 and Appendix 9)

The Managing Director, Alison Crowe, has not received a pay rise. Her basic remuneration package is the same as it was in 2012/13.

A copy of the Managing Director’s job description is attached.