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FOI 6472

Disabled Facilities Grants


I would like to make a request under the Freedom Of Information Act relating to the Disabled Facilities Grant that the government provides to local authorities, enabling people to make adaptations to their homes.

The DFG used to be ring fenced but the government decided in 2010 to end the ring fencing of the grant. We are therefore interested to know:

1. The allocation your local authority receives from government via the DFG for the financial years 2009/10 through to the current financial year;
2. How much the local authority spends on funding adaptations to homes for the financial years 2009/10 through to the current financial year on top of the DFG grant;
3. The proportion of funding that people with dementia and their carers receive in each financial year from 2009/10.


As one of the smaller Local Authorities we have a relatively small allocation from central government.

Our Budget for the years 9/10 onwards:

9/10 £165 K
10/11 £195 K
11/12 £195K (Govt. allocation £ 120K)
12/13 £195K (Govt. allocation £ 120K)
13/14 £220K (Govt. allocation £124K)

As you say in your FOI the money from the Central Government (CLG) grant is no longer ring fenced.

The 60/40 split was also removed. However DFGs remain mandatory.

This Council has continued to “top up” the CLG allocation on the basis of the previous arrangement.
We do not operate a waiting list as we have always managed to meet the demand within the budget.

As far as people with Dementia this is not an easy figure to estimate.

As a second tier local authority we receive recommendations from Essex County Council occupational therapists. These consist of the adaptations that are needed to meet the clients needs. They do not include any information about the persons disability. I have spoken to my OT colleague at ECC and she tells me that they do not hold such information centrally.

OTs and local authority grant officers meet regularly to discuss more complex cases. I can only say that a lot is done for those with dementia and those who have dementia with other physical disabilities.

Although DFGs are “tenure blind” a DFG grant money cannot be used to fund adaptations in a Council owned property. I have a colleague in Housing who arranges for adaptations in Council property. He receives the recommendations from an Essex County Council OT and then arranges for the work to be carried out. But again he would not have any information on the person disabilities.