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FOI 6461

Planning Permissions Granted on Green Belt Land


1) How many planning permissions did Brentwood Council grant for development on GREEN BELT land during:
a) The first quarter of 2013 (1 Janu ary 2013 to 31 March 2013)
b) 2012/13
c)  2011/12
d) 2010/11

2) For each of the planning permissions for developments on GREEN BELT land, granted between 1 April 2010 and 31 March 2013, please provide the following:
a) The address of the development
b) The reference number of the planning application
c) Whether the development included the provision of affordable housing


The information requested is not available in an analytical format. All the information requested is available on the Council’s website and may be accessed on the following:-;jsessionid=B420C3A2711CB13AAD0D4A38F05B4FBF?action=weeklyList

Additional information is also available via the Council’s Annual Monitoring reports -