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FOI 6445

Eligibility Thresholds for Older People\'s Social Care


I am looking at pressures on the social care system. By way of background – local authorities have to categorise an older person’s social care needs as low, medium, substantial or critical – official guidelines determine how people fall into these bands. It is then the decision of the local authority to decide when eligibility for social care should commence.

I would like to answer the following questions:

1, For the current financial year, what is the threshold band at which older people become eligible for social care?

2, For each year for the previous four years, what has been the threshold category at which older people became eligible for social care?


The requirements of Brentwood residents in this regard falls under the remit of Essex County Council to whom you also addressed your enquiry. Thus, information relating to Brentwood should be forthcoming from ECC in due course.