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FOI 6440

Purchase of Land for Housing by London Borough Councils


Has any council member or any of its officers had any correspondence including emails, phone calls or face to face meetings with any of the 32 London boroughs regarding the possibility of them purchasing land for housing between 1st May 2012 and 24th May 2013. 

If so, which London boroughs have you had correspondence with? 

If so, how many houses are they intending to build? 

If so, how many people are they hoping to re-house? 

Did you sell any land to any of the 32 London boroughs with the intention of them using it for housing between 1st May 2012 and 24th May 2013. 


The Council has not had any approaches from London Boroughs of the nature you are asking about. No land has been sold to them.

The only contact of is a meeting with Newham at our instigation concerning the management of their land in our Borough as they already own housing and land within the borough.