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FOI 6428

Parish Burials


Please provide answers using the time line of December 2012 to the date of your response.

A) Within the council which department is responsible for contacting or tracing the next of kin when there is public health funeral? Please provide name and contact details*.
B) If this is not the responsibility of the council, then please provide name and contact details* of who is responsible for this.
C) When there is a death within the council and there are no known next of kin to make funeral arrangements, what are the steps taken by the council? Please provide details of the procedure followed.
D) Once the council is aware of this death, which organisation and/or people are notified at first instance? Please provide name and contact details*.
E) How many public health funerals have taken place since December 2012?
F) For each public health funeral please provide answers to the following questions:
i) Within the council who* was responsible for tracing the next of kin?
ii) Have the next of kin been traced?
ii) What was the reason for the council to provide this funeral?
iii) Name of the deceased
iv) Date of death
v) Last known address
vi) Date of birth
vii) Cost of the funeral
viii) How much of the costs have been recovered?
ix) How did the council recover these costs? Through which means?
x) Have you referred this information to Treasury Solicitors, Duchy of Cornwall, QLTR, Duchy of Lancaster, National Ultimus Haeres?
* Include name, postal address, telephone number and email address (if available)


A. The department responsible for investigating Public Health Funerals would be the Environmental Health Department who would allocate the case to one of then duty EH Officers.

B. Under normal circumstances the individual's personal belongings and/or property would be searched to ascertain if there is a will present or next of kin. If no next of kin or will is established then the Council will undertake to close the estate including utilities to properties and bank accounts/pensions etc. The deceased would then be allocated a common grave within the Councils Woodman Road Cemetery at which point a full burial would be carried out and the deceased would be laid to rest.

C. This would depend largely on the individual case and on the extent of the estate to be closed. We do not have a specific list of organization that we contact in the first instance.

D. I can confirm that Brentwood Borough Council has had no involvement in any burials that required referral to the Treasury Solicitor, Duchy of Lancaster or Cornwall or for Scotland the QLTR department since 1st December 2012.