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FOI 6418

Local Asset Backed Vehicles


The data I am collecting will be used to inform a post-graduate dissertation on the take up of Local Asset Backed Vehicles (LABVs) entered into by local authorities.

1. Has the council entered into a LABV?

If so, please answer the following:
a. What is the name of the LABV and when was it formed?
b. What is the remit of the LABV?
c. What were the council’s objectives when entering into the LABV?
d. Have these objectives been achieved?

If not, please answer the following:
e. Has the council ever considered entering into a LABV? If so, why did you not proceed with the vehicle?
f. Has the council entered into any other form of property-led joint venture? If so, what?


The Council has not entered into any Local Asset Backed Vehicles.