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FOI 6417

Scrap Yard Site, Coxtie Green Road


Please could I have details of any discussions as to possible future development of the scrap yard site in the Coxtie Green Road?

What are the views and recommendations regarding the development of the site from planning and legal officers regarding this brown field site?


I have set out below a summary of policy matters that would need to be considered from a planning perspective. Pre application discussions with the Council are confidential and therefore I am unable to disclose full notes as it would be prejudicial to the conduct of public affairs for dealing with future applicants under section 36 of FOI Act, however I hope that the below policy consideration provides a suitable answer to your query. The legal officer did not have specific comments on the possible redevelopment of the site.

Planning issues – the site is on previously developed land within the greenbelt. Relevant policy considerations that an applicant would need to take account of are the NPPF – section 9 in particular & Brentwood Replacement Local Plan Policies GB1, GB2, H9, CP1, T2.

In consideration that the site is on previously developed land the principle of development is acceptable on PDL. The planning matters would be dependent upon the detail of any submission against other policies such as design (CP1), residential provision (H9) and transport (T2).