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FOI 6392

Construction Contracts


Please can you let me have the following information for each construction contract over £200k that has been completed in the last five years:

* The contract's description
* Contractor
* Contract form ie NEC 3 , GC works, PFI etc
* The sub form - ie Design Build, Option A, Minor Works
* Works specification - ie traditional (client designs), Design and build (contractor designs)
* How price is agreed -ie lump sum/target price/ cost reimbursable
* If BIM or ECI has been used
* Framework Name if Applicable
* type of work - ie refurbishment/ new build/ fit out/
* Contract price for construction
* Final price for construction
* Contract start date
* Initial construction completion date- ie at contract signature (or Construction period)
* Actual construction completion date


There is no project which meets your criteria of over £200k.