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FOI 6333

Warescot Farm


I am writing to request information held by the council relating to Warescot Farm in your area and specifically:

Copies of any licences, inspection reports and schedules/stocklists listing animals held that have been issued in respect of the business named above under any of the following statutes during the last five years:

The Performing Animals Regulations 1925
The Pet Animals Act 1951
Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976
Zoo Licensing Act 1981


I can confirm that Warescot Farm is in our district. It is a suburban house with a large garden. My visits have been in relation to enquiries from neighbours’ whose concerns were related to noise and odour.

When I last visited the lady had:
2 x Gloucester Old Spots (for meat).
A selection of “farm” animals.
Chickens, a miniature horse, pigmy goat etc.
The lambs were being taken to a meadow on a nearby farm.

She takes them out to “Petting Parties”. Although as far as I understand the pigs do not go to the parties.

When I investigated I spoke to Trading Standards at Essex County Council they told me that she had the appropriate licences for the petting parties.

She also has the appropriate registration for the premises and the animals etc issued by DEFRA.

The last time I visited the reptiles were kept at another location and taken to the petting parties.

The premises do not require a DWA or a Zoo licence.