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FOI 6181

Construction Service Providers


I request all of these for the financial year 2011/2012.

1. A list of your organizations' 30 top Construction Service providers , preferably in spend order or with the expenditure accompanying the list
2. A list of the 30 most used maintenance firms again preferably with expenditures listed .
3. The one most used firm in each of these sectors - Fleet, Cars, Insurance , Marketing Firms, Stationers ,
4. The name of the person at your organization who deals with your procurement.


Further to your FOI regarding the Council’s Construction Service providers, please see information requested below and attached.

1. I have attached a list of all of our major suppliers who provide construction and/or building maintenance.
2. We do not have a separate list of maintenance firms as these are included above.
3. The most used firm for the fleet would be Dennis Eagle. The Council does not purchase or maintain cars. Zurich Insurance provides our insurance services; we do not employ marketing firms. Banner Business Services are our main stationery provider.
4. Jane Mitchell is the officer to contact with regard to Procurement.