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FOI 6168

PR Consultants


The Slogan ''New Ways of Working'' (i.e.: New Ways of Sacking Staff) sounds very Essex County Council.

You should see the positive slogans on the bottom of ECC letters when they refuse autistic children transport to school, or refuse to re-issue a statement!

However those positive slogans more than make up for it, and warm our hearts.

Parents of children with additional needs, and soon, I am sure, sacked council staff will have some choice lines to describe the self-serving bullies in both ECC and BBC who dish out this (unnecessary) bad news with never a backwards glance.

Please can I ask another FoI question?

Does Brentwood Borough Council share the same PR consultants as Essex County Council and if not where on earth did they find this scheme and slogan - is it general country-wide Conservative party ''promotion''?


Further to your request received under Freedom of Information, I can confirm that the Council does not employ PR Consultants, and therefore does not share such a resource with Essex County Council.

The “slogan” to which you refer is simply a working title for a Transformation Project being undertaken by the Council.