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FOI 6164

Car parking facilities


I am submitting a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act for you to answer on behalf of Brentwood Borough Council.

I seek the following information:

1. The number of car parking facilities which are administered or owned by your local authority setting out total capacity of these facilities for cars and motorcycles.

2. The number of facilities for commercial and heavy goods vehicle parking which are administered or owned by your local authority, detailing the total capacity of these facilities for commercial and heavy goods.

3. The number of facilities which allow commercial and heavy goods vehicles to be parked between 18:00 - 8:00 in spaces designated for cars and motorcycle between 8:00 - 18:00 and how many will be converted for dual use over the next three years.

If the decision is made to withhold some of this data using exemptions in the Data Protection Act, please inform me of that fact and cite the exemptions used.


Thank you for your FOI enquiry on car parking facilities in the Brentwood Borough.
I respond as follows:

1. Multi Storey Coptfold Road 734 spaces in total but three levels are leased to residents of Becket house. 555 spaces for public use.

Chatham way car park 122 spaces
William Hunter Way 379 spaces
William Hunter Way - disabled only 28 spaces

Westbury Rd Season Ticket car park 97 spaces.

Sir Francis Way season ticket car park 19 spaces

Town Hall staff car park, public car park on Saturdays only 163 spaces
Friars Ave Shenfield 50 spaces

Hunter Ave shenfield 64 spaces

Market Place Ingatestone 22 spaces

Bell Mead Ingatestone 24 spaces

There are no dedicated bays for motorcycles in the car parks, Brentwood Borough allows Motorcycles free parking in all of its non barrier controlled shopper car parks and they can use standard bays.

2. BBC has its car parks set around small town centres and does not have space to facilitate commercial or heavy goods vehicle parking.
3. as above.

any commercial or HGV vehicles that need to deliver to retail outlets within the Brentwood Borough use on-street loading areas that fall under the jurisdiction of the highways authority which is Essex County Council.