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Brentwood Borough Council

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Council Newsletters


Do you produce a physical council newsletter or newspaper? Do you deliver it to households? How often is this newsletter produced? Is it in colour or black and white? How much did you spend in total in the last financial year on such material? What was your total advertising revenue in the last financial year for adverts placed in your material? What was the net profit/loss on this material in the last financial year?

Do you send email newsletters? How often do you produce these email newsletters? How many email addresses do you have in your database?

Do you broadcast council meetings over the internet? If so, which meetings?

Do you provide Wi-Fi in the viewing gallery for public use during council meetings?


The Council does not publish a newsletter.

All of the Councils meetings contained with the Governance Structure are webcast, except for those items which are considered confidential.

We do not provide Wi-Fi in the viewing gallery.