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New ways of working model


I have just 'nicked' this quote (below) from Cllr Karen Chilver's excellent Blog, because I am so appalled at your chilling HEART-LESS attitude to the sacking of 12 Brentwood Council workers.

This is a freedom of information request.

Please let us all know HOW and WHY you selected these particular officers for 'the chop'? You can do this without giving out personal information if you refer to the ROLES that are being lost.


In February 2013,as part of the Budget Setting Process, the Council approved a New Ways of Working Business Case. The New Ways of Working Model is based on 4 key strands:

1) Customer Excellence – a customer transformation project which will promote a channel shift for customer enquiries, supported by a multi-skilled front of house reception team.
2) Efficiency Reviews – primarily focused on reducing back office costs by streamlining processes and exploring different service delivery models.
3) Management Restructure – a flexible, interim structure will be required to support the transformation. However, a further reduction in Senior Management posts is anticipated to mirror the new organisational model.
4) Entrepreneurial Activities – generation of additional income through commercial activities, better use of our assets and improved performance (e.g. recycling rates)

A copy of the Business Case is attached for your information.

The Council has recently commenced work on Strand 2 – Efficiency Reviews and will be consulting will all employees who are involved in the delivery of back office (support service) functions. I strongly emphasise that this is a consultation exercise and it is therefore not possible nor appropriate to identify individual posts or post holders in this response. This work is primarily focused with reducing the overall cost of our back office functions in order that investment in valuable front line services can continue.

The Council has a £3.7m funding gap for the next three years, and delivery of the transformation programme is essential for the financial health of the Council. Opportunities for redeployment and/or voluntary redundancy will be identified in the first instance, however, some redundancies will inevitably be needed.