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FOI 6040



I believe it is a criminal offence for a person to drop, throw down, or otherwise deposit and then leave litter, covered by S. 87 and 88 of the Environmental Protection Act. I also believe that this is an offence for which local authorities can prosecute by means of a fixed penalty notice.

Can I ask why you, as an authority drop or otherwise deposit litter? The attached photograph indicates the problem. We store food waste in a bin, which is then emptied by tipping it into a bigger bin. The act of tipping it without spilling it seems beyond some people as the attached photograph taken this morning in Warley Hill indicates. Why do your staff not clean up after themselves? This is a regular occurrence down Warley Hill. 

As an FoI request can I see a copy of the instructions given to staff about spillages that occur whilst emptying bins please.


Thank you for your Freedom of Information request in respect of waste/littering as detailed in your email below.

In respect of your request regarding seeing instructions given to crews regarding clearing up spillages. I can advise that they are advised in their inductions and team meetings to clear up spilt waste they create using the on-board broom and shovel. Waste bags that are torn by savaging animals when presented early or inferior sacks that split is not the responsibility of the crew to clear up, however they are aware to report mess to street care team to clean up.