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FOI 5809

Compromise agreements


1 a) For the 2012/13 financial year so far (until today's date of March 11), how many current or ex-employees of the council have signed compromise agreements directly related to the resolving of dispute(s)/grievance(s)/internal and external investigation(s)/whistle blowing incident(s), excluding all COT3 Agreements and all compromise agreements drawn up in the following circumstances:
i. Purely redundancy situations
ii. Purely PILON (pay in lieu of notice) situations
iii. Equal pay claims
iv. TUPE situations

1 b) What was the total monetary value of these?

1 c) Please provide a breakdown for each compromise agreement, showing:
- a summary description of the compromise agreements, eg. whether it related to an internal investigation, whistle blowing, claim of sexual harassment, claim of age discrimination etc.
- the total monetary value of each, and the lump sum payments that make up the claim, eg. severance, notice, salary, etc.
- the role of the individual in receipt of the compromise agreement

Please also provide

2. The same for 2011/12
3. The same for 2010/11
4. The same for 2009/10
5. The same for 2008/09
6. The same for 2007/08


I can confirm that there are no known compromise agreements that have been drawn up in the situations requested, either this year or in any previous years.