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FOI 5716

Banner advertising


Under Freedom of Information act,it would be very nice of you to reply the following please;

1. Do you have banner advertising/sponsorship on lamp posts If so how many do you have and how often do you change them?
2. How much money does the Council spend on them? Do you allow advertising on the banners?
3. If so how much revenue has the Council received in the last 12 months? Who do you have the contract with to supply brackets etc and posters?
4.When is the contract up for renewal and where will you be advertising it?

Perhaps your marketing lead or communication lead can help here to answer these questions.


For ease, I have addressed the questions you raise in order below:

1. We have lamp column banners, but they are not sponsored/advertised on. We have 40 in total. As yet they have never been changed.
2. The cost to supply and fit all fixings and the banners themselves was £15,440.00 + VAT. There is no advertising on the banners.
3. None. We do not have an ongoing contract.
4. See point 3.