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Brentwood Borough Council

FOI 5706

Copies of responses to various FOIs


According to your disclosure logs the following information has been requested and submitted but not published on your website. Please could you email me the data provided on these requests.

FOI Reference


Request Date

FOI 5278

Occupied BR Properties

January 2013

FOI 5384

Ratepayers in receipt of Mand/Disc Relief

January 2013

FOI 5249

Not receiving SBRR

January 2013

FOI 5164


December 2012

FOI 5184

Receiving 80% Charitable Relief

December 2012

FOI 5201

List of 2010 list RV's > £25k

December 2012


I refer to your request for information under the Freedom Of Information Act, and would apologise for the delay in responding.

Hopefully, I have managed to attach all the previously compiled and released information required.