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FOI 5687

Business support centres


Does the Council own any Business, Innovation, Enterprise or Incubation Centres aimed at supporting small to medium sized businesses and business start-ups? Can you please provide some supporting information or website link for the facilities?  

2.     If yes to question 1, which of these centres are managed by the Council and which are managed by third party organisations? 

3.     If any centres are managed by third party organisations, please can you confirm when their management contract is due for renewal? 

4.     Can you please provide the contact details of the person or council department responsible for the facilities listed in question 1?

 We would be grateful if this information could be issued electronically by e-mai l to the address noted below, or if not electronically, then to the address above. 

If you feel it necessary to withhold some of this data using exemptions in the Data Protection Act, I would be grateful if you could advise us accordingly.


Further to your Freedom of Information Request No.5687 we can advise that Brentwood Borough Council do not provide any such facilities directly.