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FOI 5555

Local Council Tax Scheme


I would like the following information relating to the cuts to council tax benefits (council tax support schemes). For each of the following groups, please quantify how much more they will have to pay under your new scheme for (i) 2013-14 and (ii) 2014-15, in which HMG has not confirmed there is any continuing transitional grant.

1) For a single mother with one child living in a Band D property currently earning £120 a week, working 10 hours a week

2) A family in a Band F property with both parents having just lost their jobs

3) A 22 year old having gained a 1st class degree from Oxford finding it hard to find a job, currently living in a Band B property

4) An empty nester 55 year old former council employee who has lost their job as a result of council cuts imposed by central government, currently living with their unemployed wife


For responses to all of the questions and any other scenarios you may wish to provide please go to and go to our trial calculator.