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Brentwood Borough Council

FOI 5545

Telecom Services


Please can you provide contract, spend & product details on the telecom services highlighted in the attached spreadsheet.

Can you please provide the answers back in the attached .csv format. I have include an example format page alongside the template for completion.


Most of the information requested in your recent FOI is published on our website (see links below)
Any additional information that not published on the website I will forward to you via email before the deadline of the FOI

Additional questions

Microsoft-Server-Windows Server 2003/2008
Microsoft-Exchange Server (On premise or hosted?) on premise
Microsoft-Office 2003 / 2007
Microsoft-Desktop (Desktop operating system - predominantly consistent or mixed?) thin client
Microsoft-Lync N/A
Microsoft-Database-SQL Server 2008 r2
What Microsoft agreement do you have? select
Do you have software assurance? No
How many remote workers do you have? I have tried to call several times and left several messages but have been unable to contact you regarding this question