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FOI 5510

Traffic Wardens


Please provide the following information:

· How many traffic wardens do you employ?

· How much on average is a traffic warden paid in your local area for a salary?

· Please provide details of your commissions scheme for traffic wardens?

· What is the average a traffic warden earns in commission annually? 2012 and 2011.

· What other bonuses and incentives do you offer traffic wardens?

· How many complaints did you receive of traffic wardens misusing their powers in 2012?

· Please provide the training documents you provide to your traffic wardens.

· Please provide any emails (eliminating names of course) talking about getting 'more commission' in relation to traffic wardens.

· Please provide details of the amount earned from parking tickets last year?

- Please separate these details into the amount earned from Cars, HGVs, etc.


I am responding to your Freedom of Information request dated 29th January 2013.
I would advise in the first instance that Brentwood Borough council do not carry out the on street Enforcement for contravention of the on street Parking orders this is undertaken by the South Essex parking partnership (SEPP)under Chelmsford City Council. Brentwood Borough Council enforce in the Boroughs car parks for contravention of the off street parking and waiting orders. the officers that patrol these car parks are know as Civil Parking Enforcement Officers since the introduction of Decriminalised parking and the traffic management Act 2004.
I will answer each of your questions in turn as follows.
1. BBC employs two part time CEO's working a total of 22.5 hours a week each.
2. The full time salary for a CEO is circa £17k this is then pro rota for part time positions.
3. we do not run commission schemes for Civil Parking Enforcement Officers.
4.Average commission annually, not applicable see above.
5. Bonus and incentive,Not applicable see above.
6. complaints of CEO's misusing their powers. None received.
7.All Ceo's have on the job training and are recruited from enforcement background.
8. No emails on commission as no scheme in operation.
9.for the financial year 2011/2012 a total of £39,536 was recovered for the issue of penalty charge notices for those who contravened the off street parking places orders.
10. the car parks in the Borough Of Brentwood do not have HGV parking.